Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Altec Lansing MX5021 Modification (Part 3)

Bought this Metalized Polypropylene Film capacitor from RS-Components.
Vishay MKP1848 1uF 900V to replace both 1uF coupling capacitor in the circuit.

C61 and C54 stereo satelite speakers input coupling capacitors.
(recommended Metallized Polypropylene > Metallized Polyester over here)

Pin too short, so extended it with wire.

Saw the C118?
This is subwoofer input coupling capacitor.
Replace with a good capacitor eg. Nichicon Fine Gold. 22uF will do.

Conclusion: IMPRESSIVE!!
You can feel the high and warmth sound is surrounding and fill the whole room.
Not like other electrolytic capacitor sound dull.

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  1. hello im having altec vs4121..working fine till now but suddenly its sub woofer bass response is deteriorated it is not smooth for lower frequency range as it gives little distortion and lacks smoothness when volume is turned above 35-40% on dial.. but its for few lower frequency songs... normal songs play as normal with little distortion pls advice... thnx in advance :)

  2. most probably the power supply capacitors were spoiled. you have to open it up and check the circuit one by one. I cant tell you what is wrong without inspection. =)