Thursday, September 16, 2010

Razer Lachesis Disassembly

Exposed to the sweat of my palm for long period of time, the rubber seems changing form like melted and sticky. It is very uncomfortable to hold it.

So I'm going to dip it in rubbing alcohol in order to remove the rubber.
I guess apply some ammonia on the surface of rubber before dipping in rubbing alcohol will be more effective.

Removed the casing.
You have to remove the bottom mouse feet to get to the screw.
Open the casing carefully, you might break the top cover.

Dip the top cover in rubbing alcohol for 15mins - 2days until you see the rubber start popping out from surface.
And then quickly rinse it with hot water and peel off the rubber.
Tadaa~ this is my Lachesis, I feel much better with this compare to the rubber coated.

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