Thursday, July 17, 2014

Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders

My all time favorite quotes.

The Confident Trader

"...I adopted a price-based technique, with which I could predict at what price I would be buying and selling."

"It is important for traders to study and understand why they make money. Repeat the best practices over and over again."

"You need to have faith and confidence in your strategy."

"You have to wait for your setups and take on only the good trades."

"You can trade well only when you believe in your own strategy and yourself."

"Do not question the market and think you are bigger than the market."

"Patience is the key to my success."

"Success in trading comes with trading with confidence."

"Success in trading does not come overnight and you need to drill the rules deep inside you so that you will follow them religiously without fail!"

The Steward of Money

"Trading is like war, you must always be fully equipped and prepared!"

"View every trade independently and every single trade has its own unique risk and rewards."

"You MUST NOT at any time break your own trading rules no matter what happens."

"Trading is not about being accurate or not, but about how well you manage your position sizing."

"Focus on trading well rather than on the dollars and cents."

"Focus and work on your trading psychology instead!"

"To be successful in trading, you should not focus on the outcome. You should instead focus on being a good trader."

The Discipline Trader

"It is very important to identify your own trading style."

"Methods need to be adapted to the changes in the market."

"It is just a waste of time to look for a Holy Grail, which does not exist at all!"

"Every time you are in a trade, you must always be prepared for anything to happen."

"You need to have the conviction to follow your own set of trading rules."

"If a strategy makes you money, stick to it."

"If you want to play the market, you need to learn to play it right by sticking your own trading rules and strategies."

"Every trade will either a winner or loser. You need to know when to hold on and when to let go."

"If you want to trade the market, you must learn how to trade it well."

"Fear will prevent you from taking a trade entry that your methodology signals you to take. Fear will create apprehension and cause you to hesitate."

"Discipline applies to two areas; following the strategy and following the rules of the strategy."

"It takes time to be a consistent profitable trader and you need to be patient about it. Rushing does not help at all."

"Having good discipline is extremely important when it comes to trading. I believe good trading discipline is even more important than technique or strategy itself."

The Emotionless Trader

"If you do not want to lose, you cannot win!"

"You must preserve and not give up."

"Trading is not about how much you win but how much you are willing to lose."

"Ultimately, trading is more about psychology than anything else."

"Rules MUST be followed 100%, as that is what psychology is made up of."

"Do not waste time going round and round looking for a Holy Grail."

"There is no such thing as a sure-win trade, best or worst stocks."

"You must not hold on to money too tightly."

"My belief in trading is, you must first try then you strive."

"You must catch any trending stocks by the horn, and follow them till the trend finishes. At the peak of the trend, simply let go upon breaking through before it is turning down."

The Cultivated Trader

"Trading is definitely not just about strategies."

"Your trading style should fit your preferred lifestyle."

"Being a trader, we must always respect the market!"

"Personality is very much related to trading psychology and emotion management."

"When the market wants to reward you with a certain amount of profit, just take it and enjoy it!"

"Do not force a trade if you do not have a trade setup."

"It is important for you to know when to enter and exit before making a trade."

"Always remember that humility comes first in trading."

"You need to manage your emotions, and the only way to do that is to first know yourself."

"Do not trade according to prediction, but trade according to the market flow. Understand this and you will make money."

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