Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customade SeaSonic X750 PSU Modular Cable

This is sample but shorter one, going to make a longer one to fix it in Raven 02.
Yellow: 12v
Red: 5v
Orange: 3.3v
Black: ground

Test Pen, Philips Screw Driver, Cutter, Wire Stripper, Long-nose pliers and Hot air gun/Hair dryer.

SATA EZ crimp, 6pins connecters, metal pins, sleeve and heatshrink tube.

18AWG wire

clamped pin

6-pins connector
Do you see a small square bump in every hole?
It is used to hold the pin from turning around.

pins snapped-in


heatshrink-ing(blow it withg hot air gun/hair dryer)

DIY Modular Cable

SATA EZ crimper
Of course you need to do marking for all the cables since all are same in colour.
DIY Modular Cable


Length about 1.3meter

Connected and it works.

for my Asus Xonar Essence

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