Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chipamp LM3886

Dual Mono Power Amplifier
by using National Semiconductor Overture Series LM3886

Also known as Gainclone Lm3886.
To be more into less coloration of sound reproduction, so I would go for a simpler dual mono circuit and no buffer whatsoever gain stage.
Leave the job to my DAC/buffer.
Since I don't like the sound reproduction from any more additional op-amp.

And...this will be self etching PCB project.

Here it goes~

The aluminium chassis.

Sketching... before drilling holes on it.

Gold plated speaker binding posts and 24k gold plated RCA terminals.

The PCBs
After etched and soldered.

Mundorf ZN 1uF input coupling.
Wondering Mundorf MKP 2.2uF or 4.7uF will do better than 1uF ZN?
In term of dynamic, sonic and...
Give some advice please. Thank you.

Amplifier circuit.

Power transformer/Power supply.

Panasonic TSUP 10,000uF x 2 reservoir.

Chipamp/Gainclone LM3886

Part List:
  • National Semiconductor Chipamp LM3886 x 2
  • Mundorf ZN 1uF x 2
  • ALPS RK27 100kOhm POT x 1
  • Nichicon Fine Gold 100uF x 2
  • Panasonic FM 100uF x 6
  • WIMA MKS02 0.1uFx 6
  • WIMA FKP02 0.01uF x 4
  • Evox Rifa PHE426 0.1uF x 4
  • Panasonic TSUP 10,000uF x 2
  • Vishay Dale CW02 1Ohm x 2
  • Vishay Dale CW02 2.7Ohm x 4
  • Vishay Dale CW02 2.2kOhm x 2
  • Vishay Dale CMF55 10kOhm x 2
  • Vishay Dale CMF55 15kOhm x 2
  • Vishay Dale RN60C 1kOhm x 4
  • Vishay Dale RN60C 20kOhm x 2
  • On-Semi MUR860 x 8
  • Nuvotem Talema Toroidal Transformer 25v 225watts x 1
  • Gold plated speaker binding post x 2pairs
  • Gold plated RCA x 1pair
  • Pure copper internal wiring
  • OCC speaker wiring
  • Dual cores screened input wiring
  • Fully aluminum casing 3mm-8mm thickness

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