Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Car Grounding Cable

Do it yourself, it is cheaper than you found it in market.

Tools: plyer, long-nose plyer, hammer, hot air gun/lighter, cutter and wire stripper.
Components: thick audio cable or any power cable which can withstand high temperature, heatshrink and connector.

Grounding points

  1. car chassis to battery negative
  2. engine block to battery negative
  3. alternator to battery negative(some said direct to positive)


  • Easier engine starting
  • Smoother engine, due to better ignition leads to improve fuel consumption
  • Improved power (in most of the case, gain back the lost power due to insufficient/inefficient stock grounding)
  • Improved engine response (due to fewer loads on the alternator after improving the charging efficiency)
  • Improved audio quality (clearer pitch and more solid bass)
  • Brighter and more stable head light intensity lesser dimming.

Add a voltage stabilizer, it will be more efficient.
If you have any problem with the electrical of your car, please seek for mechanic first.

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