Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gainclone LM3886 ver.2

Dual Mono Power Amplifier
by using National Semiconductor Overture Series LM3886

*First version*

Second version of my Gainclone LM3886

Chipamp board.

Reservoir Capacitors (gnd is connected on amp board).

  • National Semiconductor Chipamp LM3886 x 2
  • Mundorf ZN 1uF x 2
  • ALPS RK27 100kOhm POT x 1
  • Nichicon Fine Gold 100uF x 2
  • Panasonic FC 1800uF x 10
  • Panasonic FC 820uF x 4
  • Panasonic FC 22uF x 4
  • WIMA MKS4 2.2uF x 4
  • WIMA MKS02 0.1uF x 6
  • WIMA FKP02 0.01uF x 4
  • Evox Rifa PHE426 0.1uF x 2
  • Vishay Dale CW02 2.7Ohm x 2
  • Vishay Dale RN60C 1kOhm x 4
  • Vishay Dale RN60C 20kOhm x 4
  • Welwyn MFR3 27kOhm x 2
  • On-Semi MUR860 x 8
  • Nuvotem Talema Toroidal Transformer 18v(Dual) 225watts x 1
  • Gold plated speaker binding post x 2pairs
  • Gold plated RCA x 1pair
  • 100% Pure copper power rail wiring
  • OCC solid core jumper
  • Fully aluminum casing 3mm-8mm thickness

Gainclone's board in process.

1st version vs. 2nd version

Done. The Gainclone/Chipamp amplifier board.

Reservoir capacitors

25volts 225watts transformer replaced by 18volts 225watts.
More details instead of sharp edge artificial sound.

Casing bottom plate and heatsink.
Drilled more holes.


Cooler Master IceFusion thermal compound applied.

Heatsink mounted.

Unexpectedly with 2x 820uF on each chipamp board, the volume also louder.
I can crank the volume POT a little bit lower now for the same volume level on the previous chipamp.

A lot more details, deeper bass and better separation between high, mid and low.
Fast, accurate, airy, smooth and sweet instead of 'clean'.
(please test with 3-ways speaker least or 2-ways speaker with good lows response otherwise it will mixed up with mids.)

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